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02-Sep-2017: Links about Hifi legacy in my and around my home town.

10-May-2015: Measurements for the parallel balanced chipamp posted.

25-Apr-2015: Update about the balanced chipamps initially designed for Kierkegaard. Meanwhile they serve as a platform for other speakers also.

25-Apr-2015: Link added to my summary about analog audio interfaces (German language).

21-Nov-2014: Link added.

12-Nov-2014: Introduction of Interlude (Zwischenspiel), an easy and cost-effective speaker with controlled horizontal directivity.

13-Mar-2014: Platon has been canceled. Read here why.

12-Feb-2014: More about speaker equalization

08-Oct-2013: Kierkegaard vertical measurements and more.

23-Sep-2013: Four way Aristoteles progress with initial measurements.

13-Aug-2013: Kierkegaard update to version 0.31 and new measurements posted.

23-Jul-2013: Summary and Conclusions about Omnipolar Speakers. I consider Demokrit and Demokrit-T done.

21-Jun-2013: Preparing Aristoteles to go four way.

16-May-2013: Differential power amps for Kierkegaard.

28-Apr-2013: First Kierkegaard measurements posted.

30-Mar-2013: The Loudspeaker Disappearing Act.

15-Mar-2013: Addendum to Suggestion of an alternative equalization method for wide dispersion speakers

11-Mar-2013: Further debunked: Equalization for Demokrit and Demokrit-T. It has now become a…
                         Suggestion of an alternative equalization method for wide dispersion speakers.

26-Feb-2013: Visits: 105 minutes with Linkwitz Lab LX521

24-Feb-2013: Introduction of Kierkegaard, a controlled directivity design with medium directivity.

23-Feb-2013: Demokrit-T tweeter measurements posted.

30-Jan-2013: Final technical data of Sokrates posted.

29-Jan-2013: Alternative EQ method for Demokrit -T tried...and it failed miserably.

07-Jan-2013: Demokrit-T long term EQ update.

30-Dec-2012: Sokrates Phono Amp Measurements posted.

28-Dec-2012: miniDSP 2x8 lab test results.

07-Oct-2012: Sokrates Measurements posted.

23-Sep-2012: Demokrit-T long term EQ verification started.

18-Sep-2012: Demokrit-T update.

11-Sep-2012: Introduction of Demokrit-T, a tweeter based omni derivate of Demokrit.

11-Aug-2012: What is the Optimum Polar Response for a Loudspeaker ?

03-Aug-2012: Link added to a presentation by Douglas Self at the Burning Amp Festival 2011 about active cross-overs.

17-May-2012: An update as to Why I believe that constant directivity is the way to go.

06-Apr-2012: Addendum added to the Demokrit equalization process.

29-Mar-2012: Demokrit equalization explained with some interesting findings !

13-Mar-2012: Sokrates rev. 0.2 up and running.

12-Mar-2012: Demokrit now with Peerless SLS-10 woofers. Update posted.

28-Jan-2012: The final word about Demokrit ?

30-Dec-2011: Over the years this “algorithm” has evolved as a routine how I approach a speaker project that has a certain purpose.
Maybe you find this helpful.

23-Nov-2011: Link to an interesting article mainly about frequency response and dispersion patterns, the parameters of paramount importance in speaker design.

09-Oct-2011: Interim Conclusions about Demokrit posted.

12-Sep-2011: Aristoteles in a new dress (rev. 0.5) including some new measurements.

30-Aug-2011: Vertical FR response measurements for the Demokrit added.

11-Aug-2011: First FR response measurements for the Demokrit added.

04-Aug-2011: Investigations section added to Current Projects.

27-Jul-2011: Preparation measurements for the Demokrit woofer added.

22-Jul-2011: Quick links added to Music.

21-Jul-2011: Preparation measurements for Demokrit posted.

15-Jul-2011: Why am I currently building what I build.

07-Jul-2011: Introduction of Demokrit, a 360° flooder type omni with reflector.

30-Jun-2011: A few more historical details added to About me.

29-Jun-2011: Sokrates update. Schematics of the key components posted.

22-Jun-2011: Aristoteles update. New measurements with interim conclusions posted.

22-Jun-2011: Link added.

12-Jun-2011: Platon update. Comparison of the Aurasound driver with the Peerless 2” FR.

26-May-2011: New categories Music and Visits.

03-Jan-2011: Small Aristoteles update and better descriptions in the measurement section.

25-Aug-2010: Aristoteles project updated and new measurements posted

24-Aug-2010: Small Sokrates update

06-Jun-2010: Aristoteles project updated and some preliminary measurements posted

03-May-2010: Projects updated

31-Mar-2010: Go-live of 6.283 Audio Pages

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