Horizontal Response:





The picture on the left shows the combined and equalized response recorded at ear hight with the speaker standing on the floor. The cross-over point is at 1.8KHz using 4th order LR slopes. As can be seen the off axis behavior is very smooth and there is a nice directivity control. The little widening around 4KHz is caused by the combination of the tweeter and the waveguide and not a baffle influence.

Listening tests have just started with this response.


The approximated directivity index is shown in the right picture. The widening at 4KHz becomes nicely visible again.

The ripple below 2KHz is a leftover from the measurements of the woofer.


In order to properly see where the baffle-step kicks in, a ground plane measurement was taken (left picture) with the speaker upside down.

It was first tried to measure the elevated speaker upright but this way a better resolution at the low end could be achieved.

The 5KHz woofer resonance was already notched out.


Last updated 03-Feb-2019

The woofer plays into the complete volume of the closed box. The unequalized response yields a Qt of 0.6x and a f-3dB of 53Hz.

Currently it is equalized to Qt = 0.5 and 40Hz.

Two of those woofers in my room make a real decent bass and nothing is missing. Only at higher levels more volume displacement wouldn’t hurt.