6.283 Audio Pages

Welcome to 6.283 Audio Pages !

This is a collection of projects around loudspeakers with constant / controlled directivity characteristics, associated equipment and fields of interest.
Aristoteles and Platon serve as reference designs for me from which other projects will evolve.
This site is also meant to share new findings with the interested reader as well as knowledge and experience gained in the past.
I build these speakers and devices out of interest in the audio field and most importantly for fun and joy about a decent audio reproduction system with the overall goal to achieve a naturally and therefore believably sounding system for recreational listening.

Have fun !





More information about speaker design and other excellent detail is available
from Linkwitz Lab. Please note the CAUTION at the bottom of the first page.

www.LinkwitzLab.com is not affiliated with 6.283 Audio Pages





Life is too short to listen to the wrong speakers J

Last updated 27-Mar-2017